V5’s solutions serve as a bridge to connect business ecosystems and financial institutions. For business partners, the solutions help enhance their financial services, build and operate diversified financial products to better serve end-users, leading to an improvement in traffic volume conversion and product sales.

V5 will continue to expand its network of financial partners, deepen relationships with partners with comprehensive financial solutions, continue to invest in technology infrastructure, develop and provide more innovative solutions, and expand into new regions through partnerships with local partners.

Wefly Mentorship

WeFLYMentorship ™

WeFLYMentorship ™ is a 16-week programme where tertiary students and graduates with disabilities are matched with “FlyMentors” ™ (business mentors) from inclusive employers. Through the programme, one can look forward to learning from your mentor’s wealth of knowledge and work experience, getting ready and developing relevant skills for the workplace, and building professional networks…and FLY.

We hope to do our part

We Fly Together!