merchant portal

Bolster productivity, increase efficiency and attain the necessary gains with our ahead of the curve tools.

v5 Portal

V5 is your own merchant portal,  determined to keep track of your transactions.  The portal’s advanced technology allows access to multiple types of reports and see all the transactions from any computer or mobile device.

Intuitive Reporting

Detailed Analysis

Customisable Reports

report generation

We provide you with the ability to generate reports for the needed data ranges, and a comprehensive of your transactions/settlements as soon as they are processed.

We can also help you create customised reports for whichever service that you require.

Simplify Reconciliation

Verify Transactions

Improve Payment Knowledge

Other Facilities

We offer other facilities apart from the ability to create reports as well. You can use these facilities to improve productivity and to increase efficiency.

Linking Accounts

Link your payment accounts together and have all your reports together, accessible via the V5 Portal.

Transaction Query

Check the status of the transactions processed with various payment channels via our V5 API.